Nicolai Frederik Bonnén Rossen – bio by Berlingske

Author Nic. Rossen 27th April 2017

The following is a translation of Berlingske’s biography of Nicolai Frederik Bonnén Rossen written following his appointment to Talent100 2017 – the annual awarding of Denmark’s 100 most talented executives.

Just at age 12, Nicolai Rossen managed funds and traded his first stocks. Today, he cultivates his business interests through his own strategic communications firm, helping his clients understand what a good story is for all parties.

»My clients span from high-net individuals to C20-listed companies. Besides public relations and public affairs, I have specialty in crisis communications and work to a great extent with lawyers and lobbyists. I do for clients in media what lawyers to in courts«, says Nicolai Rossen.

He describes himself as a charismatic person who finds it natural to do ‘personal business’ among friends and acquaintances. His network, he has built through his schooling at Herlufsholm, studies abroad and social networks.

Nicolai Rossen founded his business while studying at university and netted his first million in profits the same year as he handed-in his thesis:

»Nine out of ten in my family are self-employed or entrepreneurs, and I have responded to the call myself. In terms of energy, I squeeze the lemon and put effort into getting it all done. I am married to my work and my clients are my in-laws«, says Nicolai Rossen.

CEO Peter Hansen of automotive group Andersen & Martini knows Nicolai Rossen as a person of integrity:

»He is relationship-creating and has a great ability to communicate the messages that create value for us.«

Nicolai Frederik Bonnén Rossen, managing partner, Rossen & Company 

2012: B.A. (Hons.) Global Management, Regent’s Business School, London

2015: M.Sc. strategic PR, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona

2012-: Managing partner, ROSSEN

2015-: Managing partner, Rossen & Company


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